Hello, I’m Anna Thomas, Interior Designer and founder of CREATIVE INTERIORS.


I help people turn houses into homes. 


From period property renovations to new builds I have the experience you need to ensure the end result is the home you want.

I can help you with space planning, interior architecture, lighting, kitchen & bathroom planning, flooring as well as colour schemes, furniture, curtains, cushions and so much more. Great design needs superb project management, that's what I do.

Do you want a home that gives you the ‘pinch me, I live here’ feeling? I’ll work with you to create the home of your dreams.

 Contact me 

let’s see how I can help

Getting to know me

♦ I'm the eldest of three girls, my sisters never let me pull rank

♦ I love colour, light and space

♦ I'm a Herefordian married to a Welshman

♦ I like art galleries but I don't always understand the art

♦ My favourite museum is the Victoria & Albert in London

♦ I'm no gardener but I love flowers

♦ I'm slightly obsessive about detail

♦ I've had my colours done, I'm a Jewel Winter

♦ I think my cooking has improved over the years 

♦ I'd rather watch a film in the cinema than on TV

♦ I learnt to drive in a Morris Traveller called 'Tilly', no synchromesh on 1st gear

♦ I'm shy, I think most people are

♦ I'm a 'geek' when it comes to traditional buildings methods and Ground              Source Heating

♦ I keep sheep, my farmer Grandfather is rolling his eyes in heaven

♦ I went to a Polytechnic, why did they get rid of them?

♦ I wanted to start a book club but everyone was already in one

♦ I love cashmere & silk, it's a girl thing

♦ I'm a coffee snob, can't do instant 

♦ Champagne not Prosecco

♦ One of my favourite designers is Kit Kemp, I love her statement headboards

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