How often have you, like me, watched Kevin McCloud’s Channel 4 series Grand Design and waited with baited breath for the big reveal only to be disappointed? So often, after the trials and tribulations of the build process, the interior finish is lacking. There is a large investment of time, energy and money in the architecture with a disproportionate consideration, aka planning and budget, of the interior fit out and furnishings.

Having spent all the money on the building there is nothing left for the interior. Those stunning oak framed windows with a fantastic southern view become a nightmare in the summer heat because none of the budget was allocated for blinds. Architectural detail like zinc cladding is beautiful however, is it worth it if you can only see it from a bedroom window but can’t afford the boutique bathroom you really wanted which will give you pleasure every day.

With this in mind let me answer the question I am most often asked -

Why should I use an interior designer?

Here are 5-reasons to use an Interior Designer.

1. Is your space working for you? An Interior Designer will come and look at your home with fresh eyes. They will allow you to step outside your home and look at it anew so that before investing in expensive building works you explore ways that the current space can be remodelled or reconfigured to meet your needs.

A fresh approach

2. If you do decide to extend your home an Interior Designer can help you prepare a brief for an architect that clearly says what you need to achieve in terms of functionality, look and feel. The Interior Designer will interpret the architect's proposal and be objective about how the architectural detail will impact the experience of living in the space. By taking the architect's vision it may be possible to achieve the same effect with less expensive materials.

Planning & budgeting

3. Designing a space is only a fraction of what an Interior Designer can do to ensure you achieve what is right for you. Planning and budgeting are key to bring about a successful outcome for your project. There needs to be a connection between the design and the finish so that you end up with all the elements, not just the shell of a building with little left to spend on the fittings and furniture. After all these are the items that you will live with. An Interior Designer will develop a ‘shopping list’ of must haves, desirables and pure indulgence so you can budget and plan, saving you time and money.

Kitchen design

4. Working with an Interior Designer will give you access to their little Black Book of experts such as building contractors, decorators, lighting specialists, curtain makers, upholsterers and more. With so many styles, variety of products and suppliers to choose from an Interior Designer will help you specify what will work for you, your project and your budget.

Colour schemes

5. An Interior Designer will design a colour scheme that creates a flow through your home. With them you will be able to tap into the latest trends and new products. Their knowledge and experience of what does and doesn’t work will help you avoid costly mistakes. They can source furniture, antiques or artwork to work with items you own. Design and specify window treatments and fitted furniture. Then project manage the process including installation so you can get on with your busy life and know everything is taken care of.

Your home is the biggest investment you will ever make. You deserve it to be the best it can be.

Bathroom layout

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