You need to know how much my help will cost you. 

Every project is different because no two houses are the same. There are lots of variables. A key question is how much will it cost you not to have my help? 

What price can you put on getting it right so that you can enjoy your home?

Where the things you love, the things that restore and revive you are incorporated into a beautiful home.

Let’s look at a few scenarios: -

The Full Design Service
costs from between £15,000 - £30,000 depending on the size of the property and how complex the project is.
Kitchen & Bathroom Sourcing and Planning

costs from £2000 - £5000

Decorative Schemes
including sample and colour board per room cost from £1000
You tell me what you need and I will tell you what it will cost | Contact me

I use my experience and resources to help you make your house your home.
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